When we list a property we have a set process to make sure that your property is listed and advertised correctly to maximize public and agent interest.

After we sign paperwork, take pictures and measurements of your property this is what will happen.

  • Lockbox installed (make sure you have an extra key available.)
  • “Just Listed” sign placed on your lawn if possible.
  • Place a sign on your side or back fence or window if applicable.
  • Lawn sign ordered. The sign company we use promises to have the sign up within 2 days. (they are closed Sunday and Monday however). Perform a title search and examine it for areas of concern and inform you of any.
  • Upload your listing to REALTOR.ca complete with photos. Note it can take 24 hours for your listing to appear on the public site but REALTOR’s will be able to see the listing immediately.
  • Send you a link to your listing for your approval.
  • Set up the market search for comparable listings to your house and your area so you can keep an eye on the market.
  • Prepare attractive accurate feature sheets to be kept in your house for showing agents and their client’s to use.
  • Your listing will automatically go onto the RE/MAX web-site and mobile site, lead street, global RE/MAX and RE/MAX Japan and China as well as World Properties.com.
  • Post your listing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on Kijiji. Advertise your listing in CREB Now - our board’s weekly paper.
  • Book for the next available REALTOR’s tour. It happens only once, usually on the first Tuesday. Book showings in the manner that best works for you.
  • Feedback. An email is sent out to the showing agent with a series of questions. The request gets emailed shortly after the showing and will be sent 3 times if not completed by the showing agent. If they do not reply we cannot force them to so, we stop at 3 requests 

  • Updates. We will tailor our update schedule around what works best for you. However, we find that every 7-10 to be a healthy schedule for contact.
  • Offers will be presented as soon as possible and we will review and discuss options/negotiations.
  • Once offer is excepted we will co-ordinate all paperwork with buyer’s agent.
  • Monitor condition dates and make sure buyer’s agent is moving forward appropriately. Schedule any inspections with you such as home inspection and appraisals.
  • Once conditions are removed install a sold sign and remove Lock Box. We will keep the key so that we can turn it over to the buyer’s agent on possession date. 
  • Once you have chosen a lawyer we will make sure all necessary paperwork is prepared and sent to them and the buyers lawyer. They will advise you on how their systems work from there. 
  • On possession date we will contact you once we have heard from your lawyer saying that keys are releasable. The standard contract will call for a noon possession so you must be gone by that time on possession day. 
While process is key we will maintain a running dialogue with you to keep you informed as best we can. One of the reasons you hire a Real Estate Professional is our ability to take emotions out of the process. This is a business transaction and we must handle it this way. With that we will leave emotions at the door and give you our ideas and opinions based on facts and our experience. We understand that selling your house can be a very stressful time. We promise that we are here to find solutions not dwell on issues when they arise.


The basic truth is that having your house on REALTOR.ca (MLS®) is paramount in having it well marketed. Another truth is that all of your competition will also likely be posted on REALTOR.ca (MLS®) so being on the website certainly doesn’t make you stand out. It’s how your house is presented that makes the difference. Having great quality photos is key but there is more to it than just that. Another important piece is the comments. We put time into writing an all-inclusive description of your house so that buyers will want to come and look at it. The rest of it is ‘all in the details’. These details can include things like lot size, what direction the house faces, features and amenities. There are over 150 input fields for us to fill in when we load a listing and we make it a point to add in as many details and as much information as possible because that’s what buyers are looking for.

CREB Now is a newspaper dedicated to real estate and produced by the Calgary Real Estate Board that is inserted into over 20,000 copies of the Saturday Calgary Herald and distributed to over 10,000 additional locations. Your listing will appear in the new listings section during the first week it’s on the market.

Signs & Lockbox
Based on your property type and location we will determine the best strategy for signage so that it is visible for both potential Buyers and REALTORs®. We also make sure that the lockbox is well placed to make showing your property easy for other REALTORs®.

Property Brochures
We will provide attractive property brochures of your home that will be displayed in professional presentation folders.

REALTOR® Open House Tour
Every Tuesday a REALTOR® Open House Tour is hosted for new listings. We will book your house in the next available space on the tour (usually the following Tuesday).